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Dishwashing Facility Info


A large capacity dishwashing facility is located in the basement of the Jaharis building. This facility will service the needs of the reseach laboratories within the Jaharis building and all of the M & V complex. Services to be offered include washing and sterilization of glass ware, reusable plastic ware, reusable glass pipettes, and sterilization and disposal of contaminated waste (petri plates, tissue-culture waste, and other waste requiring sterilization with the exception of animal carcasses or other human or animal tissues). Note that no media will be made by the facility.

Dirty dishes and contaminated waste will be brought down to the facility daily on carts and with all items placed within plastic tubs. The cart and tubs need to be labeled clearly with the lab headŐs name. It is also advisable to mark each piece of glassware with the lab headŐs name or initials. The clean dishes will then be returned the next day. Picking up of dirty dishes and delivery of clean dishes will coincide, taking place in the afternoon, and thus it is optimal to have two carts per lab. The hours of operation will be from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The dishwashing facility will be closed at other times and on weekends, and will not be accessible. During working hours, media may be brought down in an appropriate container by researchers and placed in a queue for autoclaving by the dishwashing staff.

The dishwashing staff will consist of employees from existing dishwashing facilities in the M & V complex. Initially, Dr. Lubov Zelikman, who is the long-time manager of the dishwashing and media kitchen in the department of Molecular Biology & Microbiology (MBM) will serve as part-time manager of the Jaharis dishwashing facility. Dr. Andrew Camilli, assistant professor in the MBM department, will initially serve as faculty director of the dishwashing facility. The employees will have a team leader who is responsible for managing the day to day operations, overseeing ordering of supplies and maintenance of equipment. The dishwashing facility will not be under the auspices of any one department, but instead will be overseen by the medical school and with oversight from the Facilities Committee. A billing system based on number of research personnel per laboratory will be used for recharge to the laboratories serviced by the facility.

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